How to Create an Outstanding Resume

Applying for your dream job is both stressful and nerve-wracking. Sometimes, it keeps you thinking that you cannot land the position you want to because of many candidates that you assume are also competitive. To stand out among your competitors, you need a differentiated resume, and here are tips to achieve that.

Show them what you got.

Recruiters scheme resumes so fast that they do not often read all the details, so stating that you are capable of what the job entails, show them what you really are capable of by listing the skills, education, and certifications that you earned from the previous years. Showing your past professional experiences including internships will show that your experience is aligned with the job you are applying for.

Apply the inverted pyramid rule.

In journalism specifically in news writing, journalists apply the inverted pyramid rule. The inverted pyramid shows the most important information and is presented first in the article. Therefore, you have to put the most important details in your resume on top, therefore, showing your skills and why you are capable of the job should be your priority among other else.

Keep it neat.

Scheming is considered a recruiter’s skill and by looking at your resume for six to ten seconds, they can tell whether a resume is well-prepared or not. So keeping your resume neat and simple is a way of telling recruiters that you are a detail-oriented person and you put hard work on crafting your profile. Using a single font style, size, and consistent margin and spacing is a rule of thumb for this document. Font size should not be less than 11 and margins should not be smaller than 1 inch.

Religiously update your resume.

Updating your resume is a must even if you already landed the job you applied for. Doing this will only not make your time productive but also it keeps you up with the latest trends in resume writing or anything related to your industry. Updating your resume is also important when you want to shift into a different career or look for another company as it makes your profile better.

Ask for feedback.

If you got friends or connections that HR executives or recruiters, ask them for feedback about your resume then ask for some tips as well. If you don’t have any HR friends, look for individuals who have already applied to different companies that hold managerial positions and ask them to take a look at your resume. Doing this will allow you to learn more about the do’s and dont’s of your resume.

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