HR says, Focus on Your Employability Skills

The job market today is more competitive and applicants are getting more difficult to be seen by recruiters. With this, employers focus on essential skills that make a candidate stand out and become employable. 

However, as industries change and adapt to the latest trends and development, applicants must also book the same plane as they both try to land on their respective goals, which is survival at least for employers, and employability for employees. Candidates need to upskill themselves and learn new methods in their industry as these will be considered “employability skills”, which makes a candidate qualified. 

What are Employability Skills and Why They Are Important?

Employability skills refer to a candidate’s knowledge, skills, experiences, and attitudes related to his role and how he will use these skills for employment. For example, when you attended a 3-day conference related to your profession, it should be in your resume and LinkedIn. If you attended a short course program online, it should also be paraded publicly for employers to see. Notice that the two examples mentioned are not about someone’s bachelor’s degree, because your college education is not enough in today’s competitive workplace. Upskilling yourself is what makes you employable and aside from attending conferences and short courses, certifications, diplomas, and other continuing education programs will make you more differentiated. 

Obtaining these job-readiness skills are essential to anyone’s personal and professional advancement. Employers value employees investing in continuing education as it shows commitment to better job performance and overall career success.

The Center for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education, Inc. realizes that there is a worldwide skills gap. With our continuing education program services, we put emphasis on enhancing human capital and closing the skills gap. Connect with us and we will help you transform yourself and be job-ready today.

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