Certified Operations Management Specialist (COMS)

WHAT IS COMS? In any business, operations management is important because it creates the highest level of efficiency possible within the organization. Operations involve important roles such as planning, organizing, supervising operations, manufacturing and production processes and a lot more.

With all these activities, how can a company make sure that they are doing the most effective and efficient processes? How can an organization create strategies for the benefit of its stakeholders while maximizing profit for the business?

It is only through hiring the right person/s with the right skills and education to ensure that they have the capabilities to do whatever is expected of them. Obtaining skills certifications will allow you to set higher standards for yourself and for your organization that you are leading. Being a Certified Operations Management Specialist (COMS) will be your stamp of excellence and differentiation in an ever competitive-world of operations specialists.

The CERTIFIED OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (COMS) is an assessment examination of the basic knowledge in the field of operations management by the Center for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education, Inc. (CPACE Philippines). The examination is designed to assess the fundamental knowledge that an operations management practitioner must possess. 


1. The COMS certification is for you if you want to,

a. Move up the ladder in your profession.
b. Enhance skills and education about your expertise or specialization.
c. Increase your value as a professional.
d. Considering a shift in career to pursue operations.
2.If you lead a company or a team, the COMS certification is for your employees to,
a. Increase the skills and competitiveness of your employees.
b. Set a higher standard for your people, your operations and the overall organization.
c. Create a culture of competitive individuals who are hungry for success and excellence.


To receive the the COMS certification, you only need to be,

1. Graduates or currently graduating students of Operations Management, or any BSBA-related courses that are considering a career in operations management or a shift in operations management.
2. Master of Business Administration or Master’s in Management with specialization in Logistics and Operations Management.
3. Faculty members handling Operations Management courses or any business-related subjects.
4. Any 4-year degree holders and with experience in the field of operations management. Employees, officers, managers, supervisors, department heads or any-related positions in the field of operations management, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, plant and production, and sales and business development.


The COMS assessment examination is a 3-hour exam, with 150 multiple choice questions. Examinees who passed and obtained formal certification of their COMS designation have the right to promote themselves as a Certified Operations Management Specialist (COMS).

The coverage of the COMS examination is listed below:

• Costing and Pricing
• Project Management
• Facilities Management
• Logistics Management
• Total Quality Management
• Productivity and Quality Tools
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Inventory Management and Control
• Environmental Management System
• Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


1. Register
a. For you to take the assessment examination, you have to register through this link and then fill up the necessary details including choosing the preferred date of examination and paying the examination fee of Php 1,700.00.
2. Take the Exam
a. After the registration, you have to take the COMS computer-based examination on your scheduled date.
3. Certification
a. Once you pass the assessment, you will receive a physical certificate from us which is delivered to your doorstep wherever you are.
b. You can include the COMS designation as your post-nominal title.
c. If failed, you are allowed to take the assessment multiple times until you pass.

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